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Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Grand Re-Opening!

Our new house before furniture
Once upon a time, the Kinaymans lived in West Medford, Massachusetts in a converted school building. Medford is right outside of Boston with quick access to not just a commuter rail, but MBTA hubs and buses. You can Google any country in the world and most likely find a restaurant nearby that serves that cuisine. You can strap your kids into their stroller and grab a reusable grocery bag and buy that night's groceries at Whole Foods which is a close walk. It was a foodies dream.

But our beautiful condo grew too small for the four of us and we set out for greener pastures, not realizing exactly how green. We wanted a contemporary house, a good school system, and some land. We looked and looked, making a quick nest in Lexington, until finally we found what we wanted in Harvard, Massachusetts a town that's idyllically New England. Apple orchards and horses. Every other neighbor has chickens. An actual General Store.

It took us about six months to start humming the theme to Green Acres, both of us vying for the Eva Gabor character. Goodbye, city life! Not that we want to go back...all the time.

So I've been kind of busy and not able to blog. My then-infant is starting kindergarten and hates half of what I cook and the picky preschooler has become a 7- almost 8-year-old who appreciates my cooking but would still rather eat half a cow than a vegetable. Regardless, my new home has a beautiful, spacious kitchen that is a lot of fun to cook in.

So pull up a chair, spread a napkin on your lap, and come for dinner with the Kinaymans again!